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Title:FLM12/24 ID:4231582516

Macerator pump is designed specifically for sanitation waste and fish box evacuations. This high-powered pump incorporates our high quality motor with a new seamless shell and splash proof design. The Macerator features a premium impeller design and includes o-ring sealed end bells with a sealed manual turn key to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Unique dual blade and housing construction ensures problem free pumping, providing superior performance while delivering up to 13 GPM [49.20 LPM]. Available in 12 and 24 volts.
1. 13 GPM [49.20 LPM]
2. Self Priming
3. Seamless Motor Shell
4. O-Ring Sealed End Bells
5. Heavy Duty Shaft Seal
6. Manual Turn Key with Rear O-Ring Seal
7. Innovative Internal Housing Design
8. Dual Blade Design
9. Premium Impeller
10. Ignition Protection
11. Thermally Protected
12. Available in 12&24 VDC


Model Volts Flow PressureOff Amp  Draw Strainer
L/min Off at 10 psi Incl
FLM-6912 12V 69(15gal/min) No  6 No
FLM-6924 24V 69(15gal/min) No 2.5 No
FLM-6911 115V 69(15gal/min) No  0.6 No
FLM-6922 220V 69(15gal/min) No 0.4 No
FLM-12 12V 55(12gal/min) No  7 No
FLM-24 24V 55(12gal/min) No 3 No
FLM-5511 115V 55(12gal/min) No  0.6 No
FLM-5522 220V 55(12gal/min) No 0.4 No